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    Semiconductor technology requirements often outpace the test coverage that traditional approaches offer for analog, mixed-signal, and RF test. Semiconductor test engineers need smarter solutions that address cost, scalability, design, and device challenges.

    Advantages of the NI Approach

    Reduced Cost of Test

    A platform-based approach from characterization to production offers cost-optimized, high-performance test solutions for RF and mixed-signal test.

    Faster Test

    NI semiconductor test customers report a 10X improvement in test times while maintaining measurement and performance requirements.

    More Accurate Measurements

    NI products deliver industry-leading measurement accuracy supported through calibration and system services to ensure long-term performance.

    Featured Content

    5 Best Practices for Maximizing DC Measurement Performance


    Whether you are testing power management ICs or RF power amplifiers, taking quality DC measurements is a cornerstone of testing semiconductor chips. Improve measurement accuracy and product quality by applying these foundational best practices.


    5 Things to Know About 5G New Radio

    3GPP Release 15 introduced a formal definition of a 5G New Radio (NR) mobile communications standard. Learn about the standard’s new features and solutions for design and test.



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